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UPDATE: Historic Buffalo Heritage Carousel Finds Waterfront Home at Canalside

MI-van-andel-museum-center-carousel-armored.jpg BUFFALO, NY – “Finally, the search for a new home for the historic 1924 carousel, built right here in Western New York, is over,” Buffalo Mayor Byron W. Brown said Friday during his State of the City speech. Brown announced that the city will make room at Canalside as land for the carousel will be transferred to the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp... on 08 Feb 2016
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2 years ago

Hilly Munson

Wurlitzer and Artizan Band Organs ... See MoreSee Less

Wurlitzer and Artizan Band Organs

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Very interesting. How old is it or replica?

The Wurlitzer 146 (the one on the left of this photo) dates from 1918-1925 period I would say, the Artizan A -1 (on the right) would date from the mid to late 1920's

Thank you Bruce. They're just beautiful.

Yes the Wurlitzer is a 146-A early style, that were built between 1916 and probably the mid 20s, and the Artizan is an Artizan A. I would love to learn the serial # s for the band organ database. Has the Artizan been rebuilt and does it play?

*"sitting for years without repair' time to create a restoration kickstarter!

UPDATE: I have just been informed via the ACO group that the Artizan is actually currently being restored right now. Great news!

Fabulous. Its so beautiful

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Oh no I'm sorry to hear this! Time to create a band organ Kickstarter

UPDATE: I have just been informed via the ACO group that the Artizan is actually currently being restored right now. Great news!

5 days ago

Elva Brodnick

Check out this morning's carousel progress. ... See MoreSee Less

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Can't wait to see it finished and restored

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Moves at decent clip, inaudible music tho,

And now for something different . . .

3 years ago

Roland Hopkins

... See MoreSee Less

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This site is REALLY GOOD! I am EXTREMELY impressed!!!!!!

Only thing is that there's an autoplaying video, and more times than not, I already have other band organ music playing on my computer.

I wondered about that... I can kill the autoplay vid.

There you go... I made the home page quiet so not to conflict.

Carousel news is back in full swing!

Your great cover photos will now outlive us both! :)

What a great group and website! Looking forward to seeing updates!


i road this carousel as a child,,,,,many many awesome memories,,,,,,,looking for a horse from this carousel,,,so it can be displayed in Chester C,V.,,,,,,our park closed down in 1970....the state auctioned the carousel off i think in 1974W

that should be CHESTER W.V. not c.v.

Did the Center pole of the carrousselle support the building? Looks like supports attach to top of ride???

It's the other way around, the top of the centerpole is secured to the building to stabilize it, otherwise it's a real tricky deal balancing the machine to operate it properly. The Philadelphia builders stuck with wooden centerpoles right up until the end, while most if not all the rest of business had long switched to steel poles

Bruce R Pier I know that’s usually the case but that is a LOT more support than is needed to stabilize centre pole. Usually a couple cables suffice

What you are seeing above the ride, is what appears to be trusses that have been added after the building was originally built. They may have been added when this machine was installed, or much later. The late historian Richard Bowker of Pittsburgh was a regular at Rock Springs, and had told me that the building wasn't in very good shape the last years of the parks existence.

Tank u for the info

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The way it looks now is the result of a rebuild by Wm. H. Dentzel in 1923. The figures are from his father Gustav's time, which would have been shortly before his passing.

What a treasure!

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