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UPDATE: Historic Buffalo Heritage Carousel Finds Waterfront Home at Canalside

MI-van-andel-museum-center-carousel-armored.jpg BUFFALO, NY – “Finally, the search for a new home for the historic 1924 carousel, built right here in Western New York, is over,” Buffalo Mayor Byron W. Brown said Friday during his State of the City speech. Brown announced that the city will make room at Canalside as land for the carousel will be transferred to the Erie Canal Harbor Development Corp... on 08 Feb 2016
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Hello there...any thoughts on this guy?....i believe Loof....year? What carousel? Paint or leave natural?... Brass pole in background is for my jumper

Hi all,

I picked this guy up off of Craigslist and know nothing about it. Any info would be appreciated! No identifying marks anywhere

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I'd say it's a modern piece, you never see a saddle horn on a working carousel horse

Looks like a Coca-Cola metal advertising horse. Probably no hole for pole, rather the heavy bottom pole.

Looks really neat!

Looks artificially aged ..... too much "crackle". No saddle horn like that would have ever been carved of wood because it wouldn't have survived. Coca-Cola

Coca Cola metal like Donna Woolcott said......Hope you didn't buy it as an antique or pay much for it. Nice as a decorative.

These were made in Mexico of cast aluminum. Not old, never used on a carousel.

19 hours ago

George N Ann Lioio

Thank you Roland, happy to be back! ... See MoreSee Less

Hi everyone...Im posting some photos of an antique carousel horse that I recently obtained from an estate.  The eyes are glass and the tail is real horse hair.  Its old wooden pegged construction.  Have any of you see anything like this, and if so, what would you estimate the age and value to be?  Any info you have is greatly appreciated!

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I hate to tell you this, but this is not an antique. I've seen many similar examples. The quality is better than some, but it still shows the signs of being a reproduction, most likely made in the 1990s overseas. It's been artificially aged to make it look old, but the painted details on the saddle are basically identical to those found on similar recently-carved "antique" rocking horses. The style is clearly copied from a German horse, probably Heyn, but the small nostrils are one dead giveaway. Most real carousel horses have well-defined flaring nostrils, not little holes. The eye, while it might be glass, is set too low in the head, and lacks the expression that originals have. The mane doesn't have the fine detail of carving, just grooves representing hairs. The detail on the trappings is the same on both sides- no romance side. Those ears wouldn't last too long in actual carousel use. In short, this is a decorative piece. It's pretty, but not old. I hope you didn't pay too much for it.

Here is a real Heyn, for reference. Notice the better quality of the carving details. I really hate it when people get duped by the imitations. antiquecarousels.com/product/ca-1900-peek-a-boo-mane-heyn/

agree with Laurie Manera this is a reproduction and unfortunately would have decorative value only :(

It's a Asian copy of a German Heyn horse. Don't know the real value of it. But it's great for a decorator.

As the others have said, decorative reproduction. Not Antique.

That's awesome 🎠🎠

This is a real Heyn horse.

this horse is a reproduction from the far east or philippines. copied from a german heyn horse. value a few years back was $500 tops. not sure about todays prices

Sorry Connie, you must be terribly disappointed but now you are WAY SMARTER. I think most people who sell these knock offs really do know they aren't antique. Did you get the 'It was in my grandma's attic for years....." story or at least a creative one? 😢

I believe there is one very similar on eBay right now. I think they wanted $800

Thanks to everyone for the input. I really don't feel duped as the seller never represented the horse to be an "antique" although I did feel like it was older than 1990's! The ears are even pegged in (removable), and the wood pegs on the ears look very old. Oh well. The seller really didn't know anything about it other than it was of European origin. We didn't pay more than it's worth, according to some of your comments, so that's a good thing. Thanks!

Glad to hear that. Lately I've been seeing repros like yours and others even showing up at legit auction houses and being represented as authentic antiques. It's very disturbing, and damaging to the integrity of the originals and people who "know" them!

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